Dr. Braunstein Jeffrey W. Braunstein, Ph.D. was the founder and creator of ResearchConsultation.com. He was a brilliant New York State licensed Clinical Psychologist who was exceptionally intelligent in every aspect of Clinical Psychology. Not only did he give therapy to individuals and groups at Downstate Medical Center and Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, but Columbia Presbyterian Hospital sent him all over the country to lecture on anxiety disorders such as PTSD,OCD,ADHD, Phobias, Panic Attacks and Depression. In fact, he ran the anxiety clinic at Brookdale and taught psychiatrists CBT,REBT and Exposure Therapy. He won awards for all of his teaching. In addition, he did an enormous amount of outcome research which was all published including his own dissertation. His statistics acuity was flawless.

After he worked at Brookdale Hospital for 5 years, he started to build ResearchConsultation.com, where he could use all of his skills to help doctoral students with their dissertations which would enable them to achieve their goals of being granted a Ph.D. He also helped professionals and organizations with the design, implementation and completion of their research projects. He found great reward in providing statistics, research design and methodology assistance.

Dr. Braunstein was not only academically brilliant, but he aslo had a fantastic business mind. He was an extraordinary supportive, compassionate, vibrant and above all an ethical human being. He was loved by all his clients, colleagues and students.

Due to his untimely tragic death, on February 26th, 2008, Research Consultation.com had to be closed down. There was no one who had his desire and intelligence to run his business as well as he did.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Braunstein accomplished more in his 35 years than some people are able to accomplish in their entire lifetime.